Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eggplant Rollatini

With winter and the New Year in full swing, 
I thought I would brighten up our meal and take the kitchen outdoors.

Grilling is usually a summer thing, kids swimming, outdoor parties and fun in the sun. But, since this winter has been especially chilly in California, and since we had a peak of sunshine, I took the opportunity to reminisce about summer and fire up the grill  for some succulent eggplants.
Smokey and tender they are the perfect pairing to any summer time dish....even in the middle of winter ;-)

Eggplant Rollatini is a simple yet flavorful dish full of robust tomato flavor 
and a winner in this sauce crazed family. 
 I hope you enjoy this tasty and easy meal that will start your new year off with a medley of fabulous flavors.

lovely eggplant color...

 Sliced thinly
 Brushed lightly with Olive Oil
(I switch out the store bottles and place my oils in festive ones...just makes it that much better ;-)

 A dash of italian seasoning and a sprinkle of salt...

 & it's off to the grill!
 Look at those flames, warm ya up don't they...
can't even tell it's 38 degrees out!
 Again, I kept the kids busy with the pasta...mind you it's a bit
on the thick side, but, it doesn't matter.
Rustic, home cooking with the kids is not perfect, 
yet that's what's soooo perfect about it!
 Layer the eggplant with a bit of your favorite sauce, some noodles
spaghetti is perfect for this recipe, more sauce and a bit of cheese.
I used provolone, but good 'ole mozzarella is just fabulous too.

 Roll it up... hence the name Rollatini...
 and top it with more sauce..
 Place them all in an oven proof dish and bake at 425 until nice and golden.
About 15-20 minutes.
 & there you have it, an easy, flavorful, warm ya from the belly up,
take ya back to summer time meal.

I hope this year brings you great company, great health, great family moments, 

and best of all

great eats.

Until next time...

taste.share.spread the love...

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